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Thanking Your Customers At All Time

Thanking Your Customers At All Time

Imagine you are on your way to an important meeting which could hold the key to your future and then you come across someone struggling to lift or carry a heavy load of cement, wood, books or even groceries. This person struggles so much that you offer to help them despite being in a rush yourself. You rush in, lend a hand and immediately you can see that burden evaporating from their face. 15 minutes later, you are late for your meeting but you are happy you helped someone. With your help they carry everything to wherever they were going and before leaving they look you dead in the eyes and they say, “You must be running late. We are done here, you may go now”.

What, did that really happen? How would that statement make you feel? You just put your own life at risk by being late for a very important meeting. And this person didn’t even have the decency to say, “Thank you”? What if you get fired?

Yes, now imagine how customers feel.


Many are the times customers take the risk to try out new products. Most of the times this works in their favour but sometimes customers get scammed into spending money on products that might end up putting their lives in danger. This is especially true with certain health products that end up doing the opposite of what they promised.

This risk that customers take on new products is the same risk we imagined taking; helping out someone while being late for a meeting. And when that help worked, lifting the burden off that struggling person that was the same as when a new product works to the customer’s liking. However, there is still something missing; appreciation, a simple thank you.



No matter what type of business you are in you should always keep in mind that your customers did not ask you to start your business. Even if some of your customers are close friends that advised you to start your business they really did not tell you to, they did not force you and your friends are not the only ones buying from your goods and services so the bottom line is; the customer despite paying for those goods and services did not tell you to run that business. If they decided to buy elsewhere you would be stuck with goods that no one wants to be so yes, your customers are doing you a favour.

Once you accept that your customers are doing you a favour you will treat them better and increase your
rewards. And when someone does a favour for you, you always say thank you. The
same should apply to customers.


Appreciating your customers will motivate them to come back for more. It’s as simple as that. Doing so will build loyalty between you and your customers and thereby creating a very beneficial rewards program. This this something that Edenred always make sure do to. So if you are too busy as a business owner to do so yourself, this is something that Edenred will be glad to assist you with. Click to learn more.


Truth be told, there are not many business owners out there that thank their customers so imagine how it would make them feel if someone did. Being thanked means someone is aware of the fact that you added value to their life. So make your customers aware of that fact, make them feel special and make them feel valued.

A valued customer is a lasting customer. Thank your customers make them feel like they are the only ones you have but at the same time make them discuss with their friend how generous and honest you are in your business.


A happy customer is a buying customer. If your customer is happy with your goods and services and to top it off you thank them for choosing you. They will definitely call back and that means more money in your pockets. You will grow your revenues and expand your business even further, all because you did something that your competitors did not do, you said thank you.


You have to be creative in the way you say thank your customers. Vary your methods, send notes, give discounts and write to them. Either way, no matter what you do, when your customers receive that thank you gift or card, they will know you took time out of your busy schedule to make them, feel special. This action owed to a bit of psychology will make them feel like they owe you. And because they feeling special and at the same time feeling like they owe you, they will keep on coming back for more.

And that is why you will need a rewards program for you and your customers. To save time on thanking each and every one of them yourself and also to vary the ways in which you thank them. You need to keep them excited. That is where I would recommend Edenred. They have the best rewards program that will keep your customers engaged, excited and motivated. Learn more here


Remember in our analogy above when the person that was about to leave uttered the wrong words to the person giving help. “You must be running late. We are done here, you may go now”. Those words would hurt more than red hot iron bar drilling straight to the gut. After all the stress and the risk then “You must be running late. We are done here, you may go now”.

Those words leave a lot to be desired but mostly a simple thank you. Don’t leave your customers regretting helping you and your business, thank them. Give them an impeccable quality of goods and services and thank them for buying from you. By so doing you will leave nothing else to be desired. “They do everything, they are the best,” those are the words from a customer that received all they asked for feeling valued, special and motivated in the process.


Thanking your customers will spike your customer loyalty levels and boost your profits. Always thank your customers. If you can’t do this yourself because of time, find someone who can. Choose the best rewards program to help you better your relationship with your customers. Create the perfect rewards program with Edenred and make your customers feel wanted. Remember, a happy customer is a buying customer.

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